Your skin craves a well-deserved exfoliation to buff away dead skin and to stimulate circulation. A good way to do it is to incorporate an organic and natural body scrub into your skincare routine. Pick your choice from our selection of body scrubs, which are enriched with organic and vegetarian ingredients such as CT shea butter. For a pampering indulgence for your feet, you should check out the foot scrubs on offer and complete your journey to smooth and healthy skin.

Changing seasons can cause a lot of damage to your hands. Even though you might not notice, your hands are exposed to the elements all day long, causing them to go dry and cracked. We have the perfect solution. Choose from our range of Almond products that keeps your hands soft and supple all year round. Give your hands and nails a break with the Almond Hand & Nail Cream, which is infused with sweet almond oil to keep your hands and nails healthy.

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