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Hand and Feet

Hand and Feet,HAND,Big Nail Shiner

Big Nail Shiner

This nail buffer smoothes ridges, buffs and shines. It gives nails a beautiful, natural-looking sheen. • Three levels of coarseness • Smoothes, buffs and shines. View shows both sides of the one shiner
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Hand and Feet,HAND,Nail Block

Nail Block

This four-sided nail block files, smoothes ridges, buffs and polishes. • Dark grey side files • White side smoothes away ridges • Black side buffs • Pale grey side adds a natural-looking sheen
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Hand and Feet,FEET,No More Rough Stuff Foot smoother

No More Rough Stuff Foot smoother

This natural pumice stone gently removes hard skin from elbows, knees and the soles of the feet. • 100% polyurethane
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Hand and Feet,FEET,Plastic Foot File

Plastic Foot File

Best if you want to: Achieve great feet(s) with a double-sided plastic filing tool that removes rough skin from soles or gently exfoliates more delicate areas. How it works: • Use after a bath or shower on wet skin. • A coarse ceramic side smoothes away stubborn hard skin. • A smooth ceramic side provides gentle exfoliation
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Hand and Feet,FEET,File A Foot

File A Foot

This double-sided foot file effectively buffs away hard skin on soles and heels. • Removes hard skin • Double-sided for gentle and firm exfoliation • Long-lasting
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Hand and Feet,FEET,Foot File Spoon

Foot File Spoon

A spoon-shaped double-sided filing tool to remove rough skin from the soles of your feet or gently exfoliate more delicate areas. It leaves feet feeling soft and smooth.
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