Eau De Toilette

Spray on a hint of luxurious fragrance that complements your mood to add a bit of zing to your day. Check out The Body Shop’s range of Eau De Toilette that includes some invigorating scents like Fijian Water Lotus, Atlas Mountain Rose, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and a wide range of White Musk. Take your pick or mix it up a bit to design your own signature scent.

We all dream about being in some of the most exotic locations to relieve our senses, don’t we? The Body Shop’s Fijian Water Lotus product range transports you straight to that exotic beach you have been dreaming about. Lather on some subtle pacific breeze while you shower to feel as fresh as you did when you first woke up. Build on the fragrance with the English Dawn Gardenia Body Lotion and Body Mist.

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