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Your incredible uniquely-you face. Home to over twenty amazing expressions. Happy, sad, defiant or carefree – we think your visage is pretty darn incredible. Heroically exposed to the great outdoors and the great indoors, all the more reason to lavish it with TLC. View all of our face products, whether you’re after something polishing, plumping or pampering. And what’s more, our face products won’t go near our shelves unless they meet our high tree-hugging standards.

Skin feeling extremely dry and cracked? It’s time for some heavy-duty moisturisation. The Body Shop’s Hemp product range is clinically tested to restore moisture up to 24 hours, while keeping your skin feeling smooth and supple. Infused with Community Trade Hemp seed oil, the Hemp Body Butter, Hand Cream, Foot Protector and Heavy-Duty Face Protector provides intense hydration to your skin. So say goodbye to parched and cracked skin.
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