Your search for the perfect signature fragrance ends here. Our Elixirs of Nature product range is the perfect amalgamation of beautiful smelling plant species that gives a unique fragrance that you can call your own. Dab on the Nigritella Eau De Parfum that is a luxurious fusion of red vanilla orchids, enhanced with a hint of tuberose for a fiery sensuality. Try out some of the best natural beauty perfumes from The Body Shop.

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  1. Activist 1 item
  2. Arber 1 item
  3. Atlas Mountain Rose 1 item
  4. Japanese Cherry Blossom 1 item
  5. Kistna 1 item
  6. White Muks L'eau 2 items
  7. English Dawn Gardenia 2 items
  8. White Musk For Men 1 item
  9. Elixires of Nature 0 items
  10. JCB Strawberry Kiss 1 item
  11. Satsuma 1 item
  12. Shea 2 items
  13. Strawberry 1 item
  14. White Musk 3 items
  15. White Musk Sport 1 item
  16. Fijain Water Lotus 2 items
  17. Black Musk 3 items
  18. British Rose 1 item