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Why Are Night Creams Important in Your Skincare Routine?

Night creams are often overlooked in the skincare routine. Night cream has a crucial role in addition to your moisturiser, toner, scrub, day cream, sunscreen, etc. It keeps your skin deeply moisturised and enhances overnight skin healing and nourishing properties. Besides, there are many good reasons to include night creams in your skincare routine. At The Body Shop, we have prioritised the importance of night skincare and prepared night creams with natural ingredients and vitamins.

Here, we brought you a guide to understand the importance of including the best night cream in your skincare routine.

Formulation That Offers Intense Hydration

Remember that your skin needs continuous hydration, whether it's day or night-time. A well-hydrated skin is a healthy skin. Suppose you live in a region with dry air, or you primarily use the air conditioner in your room; your skin becomes vulnerable to dryness, which can result in skin issues. This is where the night cream comes as a saviour.

The cream is formulated to release a hydrating effect the whole night. It will act as a humectant and lock in moisture. Our Aloe Soothing Night Cream has goodness aloe vera with 98% natural ingredients that will keep your skin hydrated for 48 hours.

Ability to Repair Damaged Skin

Skin is subjected to pollutants present in water and air during the day. Also, chemicals present in cosmetic products damage the skin. Besides, our skin is also exposed to UV rays that lead to sun damage. On winter days, chilled and cold winds become the enemy of your skin, causing flakiness. You can heal all these damages overnight using the night cream.

Naturally, skin damages are repaired through cell regeneration during the night. The ingredients of night cream will act as a catalyst in the repair process.

Improves Blood Circulation in Your Face

Night creams can improve blood circulation when applied in the right way. It is best applied by massaging in light strokes using circular motion. This massage will improve the blood flow and let your skin absorb the ingredients to ensure it gets all the nutrients from it.

When the blood flow is increased in your skin, it will facilitate cellular regeneration. With improved blood circulation, the night creams will boost the natural glow.

Heals Specific Skin Conditions

Different skin types face various skin issues. Oily skin mainly faces acne and blackhead problems, for which you can go for night cream oily skin. At the same time, the dry skin faces flakiness, dryness, and irritation. Likewise, other skin types, such as combination skin and sensitive skin, have their own issues.

The best night cream for sensitive skin will solve the problems overall. Night cream can heal all skin types due to its healing effect. Keep in mind that your skin becomes more open and permeable during nighttime. This is why we recommend you add this to your skincare regime. Our Vitamin E Night Cream has an intensely nourishing effect suitable for all skin types. It will heal your specific skin problems and boost hydration.

Fights Against Premature Aging

One of the significant benefits of night creams is their combat against ageing signs. Many of us are familiar with premature ageing. During the night, the skin undergoes a cell renewal process. The night cream will speed up the cell reconstruction process. Also, night creams have the ability to boost collagen production in your skin. It will eventually prevent early ageing signs and give your skin a youthful appearance

Soothes Your Skin Overnight

As it is said, your face works quite hard during the day. Before bedtime, after your evening routine, there are still chances of potential irritation to your skin. Even if you apply moisture, your skin will still lack some necessary nourishment. A hydrating night cream like Vitamin E Night Cream will fill the gap.

Night cream will help to soothe your skin overnight. It will let the redness and irritation go away overnight. Moreover, the cream will give you a refreshing feel with an even skin tone when you wake up in the morning. When you have acne breakouts, you can use our Tea Tree Skin clearing mask. It will soothe it with its calming effect. Your skin will get the perfect balance to stay moisturised during the night with the help of the nutrients present in the night cream.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to give your all the benefits overnight? It's time to add night cream to your skincare routine. You add the goodness of necessary ingredients that will boost nourishment in your skin with the help of a night cream. We have dermatologically tested night creams for every skin type. Shop for any one of your choices and add it to your skincare routine.

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