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Amazing Benefits: 6 Reasons to Use Hand Creams Daily

If you care for your skin, one of the things you never miss out on is applying moisturiser after washing your face, isn’t it? Well, it is important as when you wash your face, your skin pores are open and are vulnerable to attracting impurities. With a moisturiser, you just seal those pores and protect your skin from invisible adversities. But why isn’t that same care a priority for your hands? For almost everything you do, you use your hands, and just washing them off with liquid solutions isn’t enough. So, what can be done to provide our hands with the same level of care as we do for our faces? Well, the ultimate solution is using hand creams. If you haven’t been used to the idea of using hand creams, here are six reasons why you should use them on a regular basis.

1. Ageing Effects are Seen More Prominently on Hands

The skin on the top of the hands doesn’t have enough sebaceous glands, which causes them to dry faster. Apart from that, when the skin on the hands is overexposed to any kind of environmental stressors, such as dryness, pollution, water or sun, there is a high chance they will develop early ageing signs. Soon, you will notice wrinkles, skin thinning and pigmentation signs. Therefore, it is important for you to use a hand cream to minimise the damage caused to the skin of your hands.

2. Recover from Cracked and Dry Skin Conditions

Everyone is in a habit of cleaning or washing their hands frequently, and without any aftercare, their skin tends to dry out. Due to this, there is a possibility you will develop cracks or rashes on your hands, as the natural oils and moisture are being wiped out, little by little, every time you wash them without any after-care measures. Therefore, it is advised to use dedicated hemp-based hand creams with richer consistency and better moisturising formula after every wash.

3. Seek Repair for Your Damaged Skin

You must go for a strawberry or avocado hand cream, which will have an intense formulation to repair your damaged skin. Avocado and strawberry hand cream ingredients come with moisture-binding properties, which let your skin heal from within. This way, your hands won’t feel excessively dry, and the visible signs of skin damage will also deteriorate. But you can’t just rely on any random hand cream you come across. We bring to you the finest The Body Shop hand cream, with ultimate skin healing formulations for your ultimate care needs.

4. Seek Protecting Against all Infections

In case your hands are injured and have resulted in bleeding, there is a high chance of viral or bacterial infection due to it. Even if your hands are cracked, the risk level is the same! You shouldn’t leave your hands unprotected or damaged, as the affected skin will accumulate more pathogens to worsen the effect. Just washing your hands frequently will not be enough for you to control the pathogen accumulation. Instead, you must use a hemp hand protector alongside timely washing.

5. Ensure Protection for the Nails, Too

When applying hand creams, you can also consider using them on your nails, as they are also prone to immense infections and damage. Massage the fingertips with the best quality hand cream by The Body Shop, which will keep the nails and the cuticles moisturised and healthy. This will prevent any microorganisms or dirt from finding shelter underneath the nails. Our best hand cream products at The Body Shop are formulated with the right ingredients to protect not just the skin of your hands but also the nails and cuticles.

6. Deals with Skin Inflammation Issue

When you use soap or chemical cleansers to wash your hands, it might lead to some form of irritation, which will aggravate your inflammation issue. Your skin will turn red, uneven and flaky, giving a bad appeal. Not only that, but the skin on your hands will also turn out to be over-sensitive, leading to adverse skin issues. You must soon get a moisturising hand cream to keep the skin supple and smooth. This way, you will be able to limit the irritation levels and prevent inflammation. With frequent use, your hands will turn out to be smooth, even-toned and soft.


With these reasons being serious and genuine, you might have now understood the necessity of hand cream in your skincare routine. Your overall glow and skin health ought to be prioritised, and choosing the right products is a part of achieving that quest.

When it is about hands, at The Body Shop , we bring to you our British Rose hand cream, which is a hydrating hand moisturiser that enhances the glow and adds softness to the feel. One bottle of our British Rose Hand Cream is sold every 7 seconds. And that’s how we have inspired people around us to care for their hands, just like they do for their faces.

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