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Welcome Summer with a Luxurious Bodycare Ritual!

Summer is here, and taking a daily bath is more than just a necessity—it's a ritual. A proper bath does more than drench you in water; it refreshes your body, relaxes your mind & muscles, and ensures you maintain peak cleanliness. At The Body Shop, we believe, a thoughtful bath and body care routine can elevate your everyday bathing experience to a luxurious ritual! Our summer bath and body care ritual, perfect for all genders, is designed to wash away stress, refresh your senses, and leave you feeling your best every day.

Why is a bath important during summer?

Summer brings higher temperatures and increased perspiration, making daily bathing essential for maintaining hygiene and cooling down your body. Cold or lukewarm water and using the right body care products during your showers can also help relax your muscles and remove dirt and grime accumulated throughout the day. If you spend extended periods outdoors, a night bath can improve your sleep quality, ensuring you rest well. At The Body Shop, we offer a range of body care products that keep you clean, refreshed, and fragrant all day long!

What is body care & how to do it properly?

Body care is as crucial as skincare. Your body is your biggest asset & often overlooked the most! Beyond basic cleanliness, body care includes moisturizing & keeping your skin hydrated, protecting your skin from pollutants, and using light breezy fragrances during summer to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. Our products are crafted to help you achieve these goals, ensuring your body looks and feels its best.

Indulgent body care routine for you

No matter your skin type, this body care routine is designed to provide comprehensive care for your skin.

Begin with Exfoliation

Exfoliating your body two to three times a week is just as important as exfoliating your face. Use a physical or chemical exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and dirt accumulating over time. This step promotes skin cell renewal with increased circulation and ensures softer, smoother & rejuvenated skin with complete cleanliness. Our long-handled Cactus Bath Brush is perfect for exfoliating and massaging the body regularly. For a fragrant and effective scrub, try our Strawberry Shower Scrub. Enriched with Strawberry essence, the exfoliator buffs away dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling softer, smoother, and smelling sweeter.


After exfoliating, it’s essential to cleanse your body to wash away the dead cells. Use a shower gel or body wash like our British Rose Shower Gel or Shea Shower Cream. These products leave the skin feeling soft & hydrated and cleanse the dirt and debris while maintaining your skin's moisture balance. You can also explore our range of body bars that you can use on your face & body for a refreshing cleanse.


Post-shower, apply body butter, yogurt, or lotion to moisturize and lock hydration into your skin. Our British Rose Body Yogurt hydrates and leaves a pleasant fragrance. For a lightweight and fragrant option, try the British Rose Body Yogurt. You can pick your preference for your skin type leaving it nourished with a natural glow.

Body Lotion

Use a lightweight body lotion to keep your skin soft & supple for longer. This step is especially beneficial if you have dry areas. Our Avocado Lotion-to-Oil is an excellent choice for maintaining smooth, hydrated skin.

Foot treatment

Often overlooked, your feet need care too. They take you places every day and proper foot care can not just reduce stress and provide complete relaxation but also help you run around with renewed vigour. After scrubbing and cleaning your feet, treat your feet to our indulgent foot care range. Apply our Peppermint Invigorating Foot Cream to keep your feet hydrated for 48 hours, giving your feet a soothing finish.


Finish your routine by applying a body fragrance to uplift your mood and smell divine all day long!. Whether you prefer a body mist, Eau de Parfum, or EDT, a light spritz right after your shower keeps you smelling fresh all day. For a subtle touch, use our British Rose Body Mist.

How frequently should I use this routine?

This bath and body care ritual will leave your skin clean and supple, making you feel pampered and refreshed. You can perform this routine once or twice a week or whenever you need to unwind after a long day.

Why use The Body Shop Body Care products?

Our extensive body care range includes everything you need for a comprehensive routine—from scrubs and shower gels to body yogurts and oils. The Body Shop products are crafted from natural fruit and flower extracts and are 100% Vegan, ensuring they are safe and gentle on your skin. Our commitment to quality and sustainability means you can trust our products to care for your skin while also caring for the planet.

Indulge in The Body Shop's summer bath and body care ritual and transform your everyday routine into a luxurious experience. Your skin will thank you!

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