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The Ultimate Guide to Get the Perfect Brows!

Eyebrows do more than just framing the face; they are powerful tools of expression and effortlessly show the shift in our emotions - arched in curiosity, raised in surprise or frowning in disapproval. While they may undergo shifts in fashion, transitioning from pencil-thin to tapered and back to bushy, your beautiful brows remain a significant aspect of your facial identity. They not only enhance your facial features but also serve as a protective barrier for your eyes, shielding them from moisture, dirt, and harsh light. Give your eyebrows the much needed care and attention using our most loved makeup essentials and expert tips & master the art of shaping your eyebrows at home!

DIY Eyebrow Shaping at Home

The shape of your brows can make so much difference to your face and your overall appearance. In the bigger picture of your facial features, although eyebrows might seem like a minor detail, they do play an essential role compared to other facial features. Well shaped and groomed to how you like it and how well it enhances your face can definitely boost your confidence and make you look put together. Regardless of being thick, thin or non-existent, get yours looking exceptionally excellent with our eyebrow step by step guide.

STEP 1: Define the Shape of your Brows

Before you begin grooming your brows, it is essential that you identify your ideal eyebrow shape, and use it as a guide to work around it. To ensure your brows are symmetrical & complement the shape of your face and your eyes, comb one eyebrow with the Duo Eyebrow Brush, then hold a pencil against the middle edge of your nostril pointing upwards. The point where your pencil intersects your eyebrow is where your eyebrows should ideally start. Ensure you repeat the process on the other side as well.

STEP 2: Prepare for Plucking your Brows

Just as with any skincare regimen, prepping your skin is a crucial first step before diving into your eyebrow grooming routine. The skin surrounding your eyes is particularly sensitive, making it all the more important to treat this area gently. Begin by cleansing your face with our soothing Vitamin E Cream Cleanser, Next, apply our Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream to hydrate your skin and dab our Vitamin E Moisturising Eye Cream around your eyes for targeted care.

To elevate your routine to a spa-like experience, give your brows a gentle mini-massage with your pinky finger. This not only soothes the area but also relaxes the hair follicles, perfectly priming your brows for styling

STEP 3: Use a Tweezer to Pluck

You're now ready to expertly shape your eyebrows without any worries. Wondering how to pluck your eyebrows correctly? Start by targeting the hairs that fall outside the shape you initially defined. To begin, gently stretch the skin in the direction of hair growth to keep it tight. Position the tweezers at the root of the hair, grip firmly, and pull smoothly in the direction the hair grows.

Focus primarily on removing hairs from the lower part of your brow to preserve its natural arch, and avoid tampering with the top line of your eyebrows. Only tweeze hairs above the brow if they seem particularly out of place. As you work, alternate between each brow and step back periodically to assess their symmetry, keeping in mind that while your brows should resemble each other, they don’t have to be identical.

STEP 4: Fill in Your Brows & Enhance Them

With your brows shaped to perfection, it's time to enhance them further. Whether you're dealing with the aftermath of over-plucking or naturally sparse brows, our Sculpt It Brow Powder is your go-to solution. This fine, dual-shade powder effortlessly fills in gaps, providing a fuller appearance that defines and frames your face beautifully. Start with the lighter shade at the beginning of your brows to create a gentle, feathered effect. Then, use the darker shade to accentuate the arch and extend the tail for a seamless, ombre finish. For application, grab our Duo Eyebrow Brush and apply with light, feathery strokes for a natural look, or use a heavier hand to achieve a more dramatic, bold aesthetic.

STEP 5: Set your Brows with Brow Pomade

Finally, secure your beautifully groomed brows in place with our Frame It Brow Pomade. This long-lasting, sweat-resistant formula is enriched with Community Fair Trade coconut oil, ensuring your brows stay perfect for up to 12 hours. Available in four versatile shades, including a clear option, you'll easily find your ideal match. To apply, simply glide the wand over your eyebrows following the direction of hair growth. This will help coax any unruly hairs into place, reinforcing the shape you’ve crafted, whether it's lush and full or neat and sleek.

Techniques & Trends for Every Face

Now that you've become adept at shaping your eyebrows, let's explore the variety of eyebrow shapes that have evolved over time, each reflecting the fashion trends of its period. From the meticulously painted-on styles to razor-sharp, straight lines; from gracefully curved to boldly arched brows; and even the recent trend of lush, bushy eyebrows—there's a style for every preference. Eyebrow shapes, like faces and bodies, come in all colors, sizes, and forms, and each is uniquely beautiful.

Finding the right eyebrow shape for you is similar to choosing clothes or makeup palettes—it's all about what best compliments your individual features. The most flattering brows typically blend seamlessly with your face, enhancing your features without drawing undue attention. They simply exist in perfect balance, subtly elevating your overall look.

The ideal eyebrow shape for you often correlates with your face shape and the natural growth pattern of your brow hair. Whether your brows are naturally arched with a soft or defined angle, straight, rounded, or have an S-shaped curve, the key is to work with what naturally suits you best. After all, your eyebrows are a crucial element in the composition of your face. They not only frame your eyes but also help express emotions and personality. Isn’t it fascinating how such a small feature can have such a significant impact?

Find the Right Eyebrow Shade for You

Choosing the right eyebrow color depends on whether you prefer a natural look or a more defined, dramatic appearance. If your hair is dyed, you might want an eyebrow shade that complements your current hair color, rather than matching your natural hue. For those with naturally lighter or thinner brows, enhancing them with a slightly darker shade can add the perfect amount of definition.

Selecting the ideal eyebrow shade is similar to finding a hair color that suits your skin tone—it's all about the perfect match. For the most natural effect, choose brow shades that share the same undertone as your skin and hair. You can determine your skin’s undertone by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist: blue veins suggest a cool undertone, while green veins indicate a warm undertone. This rule also applies to your hair color: warm undertones are usually accompanied by red or golden tinges, whereas cool undertones are characterized by ashy, platinum, or lighter hues.

For Natural Looking Brows

For a natural appearance, consider your genetic hair color, which often closely aligns with your eyebrow shade. Although they might not match perfectly, your eyebrows typically fall within the same color family as your hair. Take a moment to observe the subtle variations in your hair color; these nuances can guide you in selecting the right eyebrow shade. By experimenting with blending and matching different shades, you can create a rich, three-dimensional look for your brows that complements your overall appearance.

For Bold, Defined Brows

If you're aiming to enhance the definition of your brows and frame your face more distinctly, consider choosing a shade that's one or two shades darker than your natural brow color. This approach is especially effective if you have blonde hair or naturally sparse eyebrows. Conversely, if you have brunette or black hair, you may find that a brow shade one or two shades lighter than your hair color achieves a balanced, complementary look.

Explore the Best Techniques for Filing in Your Brows

Now that you know how to shape your eyebrows at home and identify the shades and shapes that suit you best, let’s introduce you to the perfect makeup products to achieve beautifully defined brows. Whether you prefer subtle enhancement or dramatic definition, our range of eyebrow enhancers has something for everyone. Our eyebrow powder creates a soft, textured look, seamlessly filling in both the hairs and any gaps for a fuller appearance. Alternatively, our brow pomade is excellent for taming and defining your brows, ensuring they remain polished and in place throughout the day.

Sculpt It Brow Powder Sculpt It Brow Powder

Enhance with Sculpt it Brow Powder

Perfect for achieving soft, fuller-looking brows, our brow powder is available in five attractive dual-shade compacts. This lightweight, easy-to-blend formula pairs seamlessly with our Duo Eyebrow BrushStart by using the spoolie end to comb and shape your brows, then switch to the brush end to apply the powder with precise, deliberate strokes. The dual shades enable you to create a beautiful ombré effect for a natural finish, while the sweat-resistant formula ensures your look lasts throughout the day.

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Frame It Brow Pomade Frame It Brow Pomade

Define with Frame it Brow Pomade

Achieve your ideal brows effortlessly with our Frame It Brow Pomade, designed to tint and groom your brows, leaving them looking fuller and more defined. Available in four shades, including a transparent option, this pomade keeps your brows perfectly in place for up to 12 hours. Infused with Community Fair Trade coconut oil, the creamy texture not only nourishes but also keeps your brow hairs hydrated. Moreover, it’s formulated to resist sweat and humidity, guaranteeing a flawless finish that lasts all day. With this pomade, rest assured your brows will stay immaculate.

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Essential Tips for Perfect Brows

Avoid Over-Plucking

Take a step back from the mirror. It's easy to get carried away, but removing too many hairs, even the smallest ones, can lead to a sparser look than you might have initially intended. Like cutting bangs, it's important to remember that you can't replace what's been removed. Be cautious, slow down, and be deliberate with every pluck to maintain the natural fullness of your brows.

Mix & Blend Shades

Take a closer look at your hair — you'll notice it's not just one flat shade but a blend of various hues. Your eyebrows are no different. For a natural-looking finish when using colored brow products, opt for a combination of shades. Layer these tones to build up a rich, three-dimensional effect that mirrors the natural variety in your hair color.

Pause Plucking for Proper Growth

While it might feel satisfying to tweeze away those stray hairs, it's important not to overdo it. Allow your brows to rest and the hair to regrow periodically. You might discover that a slightly fuller or less manicured look suits you better, embracing a more natural appearance that reflects your true self.

Pluck in Natural Light

As obvious as it might sound, but the lighting in which you groom your brows can significantly affect your visibility. To ensure you're seeing your brows clearly and not missing any details, maximize the use of natural light. Open up the blinds in your grooming area to brighten the space adequately, helping you avoid any grooming mishaps and ensure precise plucking.

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