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Wedding Day Glow-Up: Spotlight on Bridal Makeup Essentials

If you are done planning your jewellery and outfit for your wedding, the next big thing to think of before the big day arrives is your need for makeup products. You definitely have the best products already, but they might not be sufficient for your wedding makeup, right? As a bride, you must picture yourself to be perfect from head to toe. And to adhere to that feeling of yours, The Body Shop brings you the perfect bridal makeup essentials to count on.

1. Fresh Nude Foundation

The Body Shop brings the Fresh Nude Foundation to you as its first product on the list. As the name suggests, it helps you create a perfectly natural and nude glow, which will offer you a fresh-faced and moisturised feel.

For everyone who has been using a usual makeup foundation , don’t worry; Fresh Nude is a similar product but with enhanced glowing qualities. Putting this on, you will look absolutely confident for your wedding event.

Upon applying this foundation, you will not be cluttering your skin to experience bad after-effects post-wedding. Instead, it has aloe vera and vitamin E, which allow your skin to breathe and be healthy.

2. Vitamin C Concealer

The next bridal makeup essential is a Vitamin C concealer, and we have the best product for you to count on. Our formulation is lightweight and non-cakey, which helps you conceal your dark circles, beard shadow and blemishes in no time.

And the best part is you will see no creases over your facial skin. This concealer comes in 20 different shades, so you get to choose the one that matches well with your skin tone! Believe it or not, the brides who have used this The Body Shop product are fans of its silky formula.

Upon applying it in the right proportion, you can expect to be free from your dark circles or uneven skin done for all day. Embrace the natural finish throughout your wedding rituals and even beyond that until you take your makeup off.

3. Freestyle Multi-Tasking Colour

Your bridal makeup demands you to use extraordinary makeup, and the Freestyle Multi-Tasking Colour cream is what provides you with that. It is the perfect lips, eyes and cheek makeup product, which allows you to build pigments in flattering and fun shades.

You can put up a mix of glowy and matte finishes for your cheek, lips or eye makeup. The formulation of this product is made up of 90% natural ingredients that are kind to your skin and enhance the moisturisation quotient.

Be assured you will experience no form of dryness upon applying our Freestyle Multi-Tasking Colour. You can expect this formulation to blend easily with almost any look you attain. Be gentle while you apply it or dab it onto your skin, and attain a natural tint shade!

4. Peptalk Lipstick

The smile of a bride is what will be noticed the most in a wedding ceremony. So, you can’t compromise on the lipstick you apply to add more gorgeousness to your look. Therefore, The Body Shop brings to you Peptalk Lipstick, which is a perfect blend of satin and matte shades. You get a velvet finish upon applying it to your lips. Expect to attain a not-too-matte and not-too-shiny appeal with it. The Body Shop offers you its Peptalk Lipstick with 20 shades, so you can choose the one that goes well with your skin tone and overall makeup.

Around 73% of our customers who have used this lipstick have claimed that it lasted for more than 6 hours, which is phenomenal. This product will also feel light on your lips with moisturising effects, making it comfortable for you to wear on your wedding day.

5. Wake Up Call Liquid Eyeliner

Let’s not forget about the eye makeup, as after your smile, it’s your eyes that will do the talking on your wedding day. So, bring home our Wake-Up Call Liquid Eyeliner, which will offer you a bold look.

It is made up of coffee oil and coffee powder, ensuring the eyeliner glides smoothly to your lash line. You will be attaining an intense and dramatic look, giving you that extra glam for the special day.

It is suitable for skin and eyes of all types! Make sure you buy a perfect makeup brush set, and choose a fine, pointed one for creating a precise look. If necessary, hand out the job to professionals.


6. Frame it Brow

The Frame it Brow Pomade is the best makeup tool for brides to add those tinted brows. If you want a bold and natural look for your wedding day, be assured that achieving dreamy brows will do the job.

Our Frame it Brow comes in four shades, which you can use to tint, groom, or thicken the appearance of your brow hairs. This product by TBS is a long-wear and flexible formula without putting up a cakey effect.

7. Freestyle Multi-Tasking Crayon

7. Freestyle Multi-Tasking Crayon

If you want to add a finishing touch to craft the outline to the perfect bridal makeup for your cheeks, eyes or lips, this Freestyle Multi-Tasking Crayon is all you need. Running it on your face, you will find a velvety and creamy finish for the eyes, cheeks or lips.

You get to embrace the mix of shimmer and matte finishes with this product, which is made up of 89% natural ingredients. Applying it will add a dramatic look to your overall appeal, giving you the perfect bridal charm.


With this, you are now having the best makeup products with you, ensuring a perfect bridal look. At The Body Shop, we make sure that everything you apply to your skin should bring you a natural glow and also create a protective barrier to prevent it from any form of damage.

So, if your special day is near, it’s time you place your orders for these bridal makeup essentials today!

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