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Step-by-Step Contour Guide for That Chiselled Look!

Contouring has been a staple among makeup artists for decades for good reason. Whether it is about defining cheekbones, shaping the jawline or accentuating your unique face shape, contouring will enhance your makeup look by adding perfect depth and dimension to your facial features and bone structure. Apart from knowing about the technique, you should also keep a suitable contouring brush at hand for that sharp makeup look.

At The Body Shop, we have an exclusive range of foundation, concealers and multi-tasking colour sticks that help you contour flawlessly. After applying our Fresh Nude Body Shop foundation, you can use a shade darker than your natural shade to use it as a contour. You can additionally go for our Freestyle Multitasking Colour or Freestyle Multitasking Crayons for contouring your face. Read on to learn how to contour as a step-by-step guide.

Why Contour?

The process of contouring is done to enhance the features of the face and give definition to the structure. Clever contouring creates a play of dark and light to create shadows and lines that accentuate your best features. Today, contouring is a technique popular among professional make-up artists. The level of contouring depends on the look you want to go for. Sometimes, concealer for a face in a darker shade is used to contour the cheekbones and nose.

What is Contouring?

Creating contours on your face is a technique that couples with highlighting the central features so your face looks snatched and chiselled. Contouring is done after applying foundation cream and concealer. You can highlight your face and contour it to create a sharp, well-shaped look. Before contouring, applying a face base is important. At The Body Shop, we offer foundations that have the goodness of nature and give you a flawless finish. Using Tea Tree Face Base and creating a blank canvas for contouring is the first step.

Contouring is often done to highlight the cheekbones and create the illusion of higher cheekbones. The same technique can also be used around the nose to create an illusion of a thinner, longer nose and around the eyebrows to give more definition to the eyes. A lot of people use face tape and contour along their chin & jaw to give their jawline a lift.

Which contour product is best for me?

There are different types of contour products available today. Based on the formula and consistency, you can choose the product that suits you the best.

Contour powder

Contour powder usually comes in a single-pressed powder compact. While the usual compact powder is used all over the face to give a matte and radiant look to your face, contour powder is used with a dry brush or a powder puff to define your cheekbones and jawline by creating the illusion of natural shadows. You can add our Face Base Tea Tree Compact for Life in a darker shade as your contour powder./p>

Cream contour

Cream contour is contouring with cream formulas that go on the skin easily and blend out like a dream. Many professional make-up artists prefer cream contour. Cream contour comes in a tube or stick form and gives a sculpted look to your face. You can use our Freestyle Multi Tasking Colour for contouring and other make-up techniques.

Multi-tasking powder

Instead of going for a regular contouring product that has just one function, you can play around with multiple shades of foundations and concealers. The Second Skin Tint in tan can be great for contours on a fair-skinned person. Even our multi-functional face powders are great for contouring. Our Matte Clay Powder can act as an amazing bronzer and mattifying powder, all in one.

How to do contouring?

Step one- Map out the contour

Dry Skin: Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin & ceramics hydrate the skin, attract & retain moisture & provide nourishment.

After setting the base down and selecting the correct shade of contour, you need to map out the areas where you need to apply the contour. Do not overdo the contour, and apply the strokes to certain areas, like below the cheekbones, on the side of the nose, and below the chin. If you are a Freestyle multi-tasking colour rebel, you can choose a shade that is different from the traditional shades.

Step two- Blend out the contour

After applying the contour product, use a brush or blender to blend the contour with our base so there is a naturally sculpted look on the face. If you feel like the shadows are harsh and unnatural, blend the lines out some more. To lighten the contour, we advise you to use dots of our Vitamin C concealer, too.

How do you remove contour and make-up?

Our make-up range has high-performance, multi-purpose products that protect and enhance your skin. At The Body Shop, we help you find the perfect make-up items for your everyday looks. Before retiring for the day, make sure that you remove make-up. If you do not remove the make-up properly, it can clog the pores of your face, and cause acne and other skin-related infection.

You should go for a double cleansing routine with our Chamomile Make-up Removing Kit to remove the contour and make-up. After cleaning your face completely, you should use our nighttime skincare products as you prepare for bed.

Having a proper understanding of your skin type & skin concerns makes it easier for you to pick the best face serum for glowing skin. They are a powerful & potent addition to your skincare routine for you to enjoy smoother, clearer, radiant, and most importantly healthier skin. So, take the time to find the best face serum and elevate your skincare routine. Explore the body shop face serums to transform your skin in just a few weeks!

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