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Pout Perfection: Your Ultimate Guide to finding the Ideal Lip Shade

Lipstick colours that reflect your dynamism and confidence may enhance your appearance. Learn the skill of selecting colours that will enhance your smile and your influence on the world. Find out how to combine your distinctive voice with the ideal lipstick colour combinations. Sync your lipstick shades with the undertone of your skin to boost your confidence. This is a really easy yet powerful hack.

Understanding Your Skin Tone and Undertones

Choosing the right lipstick shade is akin to creating a masterpiece on your face. Much like life's contrasts, your lip color can be a bold expression of your spirit. Harmonizing lipstick shades with your skin's natural undertones, as well as considering factors like hair color and wardrobe choices, elevates your look to great levels. For instance, purple and blue-toned lipsticks seamlessly complement cool undertones. Determining your undertone is a simple yet crucial step – just check the veins on the inside of your wrist; blue veins indicate a cool undertone, green veins signify warmth, and if it's hard to tell, you likely have a neutral undertone. Uncover the art of lipstick selection that aligns with your unique undertones and enhances your overall aesthetic appeal.
Whether you're fair, light, medium, olive, or deep, understanding if you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones is crucial. This knowledge forms the foundation for selecting the perfect lip shade that complements your unique complexion.

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Exploring Lip Shade Types

Dive into the world of lip colors! From subtle nudes for everyday wear to bold reds for special occasions, let’s explore various shades & figure out how they can enhance your features. Discover the power of a pink pout or the sophistication of a deep berry.

Hues for warm undertone

Your colour cheat sheet centres around orange, the founding hue of your lipstick wardrobe no matter your skin colour. Try a peach or coral lipstick like Sheer Touch in Pop or Peptalk in Your Terms and Life’s Peachy. Looking for something bolder? Try a vibrant orange or deep plum shade like Peptalk in Stay Strong or Think Big. Or swipe on a hit of metallic copper or bronze with Peptalk in Make Waves.


A neutral undertone is one that may be hard to spot or look like a mix of warm and cool undertones. You know what that means? You’ve got the perfect palette for experimentation. Play with shades that toe the line – your perfect red lipstick should be not too orange, not too blue. Dip into nude lipstick for more chic moments – look to Peptalk in the shades Good Day or Real You or Sheer Touch in Feel.

Colours that best suits cool undertone

If you’ve got a cool undertone your complexion is calling out for blue-tinged or deeper tone lipstick shades, consider purple lipstick your go-to. Case in point, Peptalk in Free Spirit or Be Heard. Avoid the orange end of the spectrum and try out the more muted Live Loud or Doing Great Peptalk shades.

Pucker up & pout!

Finding the right lip shade is an exciting journey that involves understanding your unique features and experimenting with various colors and styles. We hope that now, you're ready to confidently choose the perfect lip shade for any occasion. Embrace the power of the perfect pout and let your lips speak volumes!

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Pro Tips for Lip Perfection

Enhance your lip game by mastering application techniques. From using lip liner for precision to blending different shades and creating trendy ombre lips & gradient lips elevate your lipstick skills to keep your lip game on point.

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