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While eyebrows make shapes to express our ever-changing emotions – quizzically arching a single brow, frowning or raising in surprise – how we choose to shape them is part of the fun of self-expression. While they may undergo shifts in fashion, transitioning from pencil-thin to tapered and back to bushy, your beautiful brows remain a significant aspect of your facial identity. They not only enhance your facial features but also serve as a protective barrier for your eyes, shielding them from moisture, dirt, and harsh light. Show them a little love and learn how to shape eyebrows at home with our makeup essentials and top tricks.


In the bigger picture of your face’s makeup, your brows are pretty small, right? But different eyebrow shapes make a big impact. Consider, while they’re a bit of a supporting character among your other features, it’s no less true that when your eyebrows are beautifully shaped and well-groomed you feel more confident and look more put together, more you. Funny how the smallest of tweaks can help you feel so much more on point. All the more reason to learn how to shape your eyebrows yourself. Regardless of being thick, thin or non-existent, get yours looking exceptionally excellent with our eyebrow step by step guide.


To master your grooming technique, you need to first find your perfect eyebrow shape before you pick up any tools. This all depends on where your other features sit, namely your nose and eyes. Plus, you should be using your natural eyebrow shape as a guide. After all, this is about looking like the best version of you. Comb one eyebrow with the Duo Eyebrow Brush, then hold a pencil vertically against the middle edge of your nostril, following the bone structure of your nose up to your forehead – that’s where your brow should start. Next, line up the pencil at a slant from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of the eye – that’s where your eyebrow should end. Your most natural-looking arch would fall mid-way across your eye, following the slanted pencil from the same starting point.


As you would with any other skincare routine, it’s important to prep skin before you start. In fact, the skin around those precious peepers is a particularly delicate area so it’s even more important in your eyebrow step-by-step. Start off by washing your face using a gentle cleanser, like our Vitamin E Cream Cleanser, then follow up with our Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream on your face and our Vitamin E Moisturising Eye Cream around your eyes. Just like any soothing spa experience, a massage never goes amiss. Use your pinky finger to give your brows a mini massage, which will relax the hair follicles – this will get your brow hair ready to make a move.


You’re now ready to finesse your eyebrows fret-free. How to pluck eyebrows? Recalling the shape you defined, you should pluck out the hairs that sit outside of this.With the help of tweezers, delicately secure the skin in the direction of hair growth, ensuring it's taut. Position the tweezer's tip at the hair's root, grasp it, and gently pull it out. Remember to pluck the hair in the same direction it's growing. It's best to focus on plucking hairs that are located at the lower part of your brow line to maintain your natural shape, leaving the top of your eyebrows untouched. Only remove hairs above your eyebrow that really look lost and out of place. Alternate between each of your two brows as your pluck and be sure to regularly stand back at a distance to inspect the two, keeping in mind the saying – your brows should look like sisters, not twins.


Now that you’ve got the desired shape down, it’s time to fill. Historic over-plucking or naturally barely-there brows might need a helping hand, which is where our Sculpt It Brow Powder comes into play. This fine dual-shade powder helps to fill in between the hairs, helping create fuller-looking brows that define and frame your face. Use the lighter shade at the front of the brow to create a softer, feathered look, and then the darker shade to define the arch and the tail, creating a natural-looking, ombre look. To apply, have our Duo Eyebrow Brush to hand then use light strokes for a natural brow and a heavier hand for a bold look.


Finally, finish the brows by using our Frame It Brow Pomade to fix your newly groomed brows in place. Infused with Community Fair Trade coconut oil, this sweat-resistant pomade stays in place for 12 hours. And with four versatile shades to choose from, including clear, you’re bound to meet your match. Simply smooth the wand over your eyebrows in the direction of hair growth and tease those brow hairs that need a bit of a nudge in the right direction. It helps set the shape you’ve created, whatever that may look like – whether full and fuzzy or trim and tapered.


Now you’re an expert in how to do eyebrows, let’s look at the different eyebrow shapes. A wide array of eyebrow styles has emerged over the years, each influenced by the fashion trends of its era. These trends have ranged from the painted-on look to razor-sharp straight brows, from gracefully curved to boldly arched, and even back to the current fascination with lush, bushy brows. Whatever your taste, nice eyebrow shapes come in all colours, sizes and forms, like faces and bodies, naturally. We think each and every eyebrow shape is as beautiful as the next. Just as it is with body shapes and makeup palettes, there’ll always be something that suits you best, and it’s all about finding that. So how to know which brow shapes are best for you?

The eyebrows most suited to your visage are likely those that don’t draw attention, they go unnoticed in fact. They’re simply there, doing the great work of making every feature on your face look finely balanced. Ultimately, your best eyebrow shape depends on the shape of your face, working together in perfect harmony, and your natural eyebrow shape. That’s as easy to suss out as looking to see where the majority of your eyebrow hair lies – this will indicate your most suited shape. Natural eyebrow shapes might be arched with a soft angle or a more defined hard angle, they might be rounded or straight, or even S-shaped with a softer curved taper. Of all the features that make up your fine face, your eyebrows are pretty important, huh?


This all depends on whether you want to go for your most natural colour or define your eyebrows more strongly. Maybe your hair color is artificially dyed, and you're seeking a shade that complements your hair without any reference to your natural color. Alternatively, if your brows are naturally thin and lighter than your hair, you may desire to enhance and give them a little extra definition. Whatever look you’re after, just like finding that hair shade that suits your skin tone, this is about finding the best match for you.

Regardless, for the most natural effect choose brow shades that have the same undertone as your skin and hair – check your veins on the inside of your wrist to find yours. If your veins look more blue they’re cool, if they look more green then your undertone is warm. The same goes for your hair colour – if you have red or gold-looking tinges in your hair, your hair’s undertone is warm. If your hair seems to have more ashy, platinum or lighter-hued tinges, your hair’s undertone is cool.


For a natural look, check your genetic hair colour, as this typically matches your eyebrows. While not an exact match, your brow shade is likely to belong to the same color family as your hair. Take a closer look – your hair comprises a variety of subtly different hues, so it's advisable to apply the same principle to your brows. Experiment with blending and matching shades to achieve a three-dimensional, natural appearance.


If you want to go a bit darker than your natural brow shade to more deliberately define them and help them frame your face, you might want to go one or two shades darker. This is particularly key if you’ve got blonde hair or if your brow genes means you don’t have a lot of hair to work with. If you have brunette or black hair, you might find that you can opt for a brow shade that’s one or two shades lighter than your hair colour.


Now you’ve learnt how to do your eyebrows at home, your most natural shades and easy shapes to perfect, we’ve got the ideal makeup products to help you get beautifully filled in statement brows. Regardless of your brow preferences, you can select from either of our eyebrow enhancers. Our eyebrow powder is designed to produce a soft, textured effect, effectively adding color to both the brow hairs and any spaces in between. Our brow pomade will help keep your hairs under control, keeping them fluffy yet defined, all day long.

Sculpt It Brow Powder Sculpt It Brow Powder


Ideal for soft yet fuller-looking brows, our brow powder comes in five flattering dual-shade compacts. The easy-to-blend, lightweight powder pairs perfectly with our Duo Eyebrow Brush – simply use the spoolie end to comb and shape your brows, and then fill it in using the brush to apply the powder using small, deliberate strokes. The two shades of powder will help you achieve an ombré effect, giving your brows that natural finish, and the sweat-resistant formula will ensure they last the day.

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Frame It Brow Pomade Frame It Brow Pomade


Create your dream brows in just a few swipes with this nifty pomade that’s made to tint and groom, leaving brows looking thicker. Offered in four shades, including a clear option, this product is designed to secure your brow hairs in position for a duration of 12 hours. Enriched with Community Fair Trade coconut oil, the creamy formula ensures that your brow hairs remain nourished and well-hydrated. Yet it’s still sweat and humidity resistant, meaning you’ll have that flawless finish, all day long. Trust us, those brows won’t budge.

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Step away from the mirror. As tempting as it might be to keep going, plucking a few too many hairs, even the tiniest ones, can result in a more sparse shape than you’d perhaps first intended. Just like trimming a fringe, remember that you can't undo what's already done. Proceed with caution, take your time, and be mindful not to overdo it.


Check the hair on your head if you don’t quite believe it. Your natural hair colour is made up of varying shades and when it comes to your eyebrows, just the same. So, for a natural effect when using coloured brow products make sure to use different shades, building up a similar 3D colouring by layering the hues.


While plucking away rogue hairs might be satisfying, there’s no need to take to the tweezers every day. Give your brows a break and let the eyebrow hair grow from time to time before you pluck again. You might just find that your brows look better a little bushier, or basically, a little less perfect. It’s all about the real you.


As obvious as it might sound, the amount of light you are working with will seriously impact what you can see when you’re plucking away. Give your brows the best shot at looking their best by maximising the natural light in your bathroom. Open the blinds to ensure you're not straining your eyes in the bright sunlight. This way, you'll have a clear and unobstructed view of your task.

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