Eye Liners & Brows

Your eyes may be delicate but sometime they are the one feature of your face that does all the talking. Get your eye makeup game on fleek with our range of eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, and kajals. Every one of them is assured to give an intense depth and finish that complements your party get up. So get up and get partying because, why not?

7 Products

  1. Brow & Liner Kit
    Brow & Liner Kit
  2. Gel Pen Liner
    Gel Pen Liner
  3. Striking Eye Definer
    Striking Eye Definer
  4. Liquid Eyeliner
    Liquid Eyeliner
  5. Smoky 2 In 1 Gel Eye Liner
    Smoky 2 In 1 Gel Eye Liner
  6. Brow Sport
    Brow Sport

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  7. Skinny Felt Black Eyeliner
    Skinny Felt Black Eyeliner

7 Products