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The Youth Collective

Introducing Our Youth Collective Council

We’re bringing young people into our boardroom

In response to the need for greater representation and diversity of young voices in corporate decision-making, We have introduced our Youth Collective Council in India. The Youth Collective Council is our initiative and a program to include young people in our boardroom and incorporate their voices in business decisions.

Young visionaries Akash Ranison, Ankita Mehra, Sudhanshu Kaushik and Rishabh Vig joined The Body Shop India Youth Collective Council.

Our Youth Collective Council is a ground-breaking initiative, an extension of the Why 25 program, our WHY25 program aims to collect 2.5 million signatures urging policymakers to lower the age of candidacy in the Lok Sabha (Lower House of Parliament) from 25 to 21 years, removing barriers to youth participation in high-level policy-making. The program engages young voters with the objective of adding 25 million young voters to the rolls by 2024. Additionally, Why25 will continue supporting 25 youth-led community impact projects focusing on environmental and social justice issues, driving real change on the ground. The program aims to create a more inclusive and equitable society for India's future by addressing the underrepresentation of young voices.

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It’s time to start listening to young voices

The Body Shop has an enduring commitment to empowering the youth and unleashing their boundless potential as catalysts for meaningful change.

With our Youth Collective Council, we embark on a very Important journey to create a powerful platform for Young People within The Body Shop. Through this initiative, we are excited to bring young voices to the boardroom, where their ideas can ignite sparks of inspiration, and where their actions can lead to a profound positive impact on young Indian society.

How will it work?

This Youth collective panel will offer feedback, ideas and strategic direction to The Body Shop in their respective fields. This diverse set of recognized young minds will support The Body Shop’s agenda of gender sensitivity, managing waste, contributing to climate action and bring more guidance to youth development overall. Each one of them will act as an advisory and work collectively to give perspectives to policy within The Body Shop India to nurture young people outlook and the world they are looking to inherit.

Meet Our Youth Collective Members

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