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Create Stunning Eye Makeup Looks without a Makeup Artist!

Are you a fan of eye makeup? Do you love to enhance your eyes with different styles of eye makeup? A detailed idea of eye products as well as the technique to apply them is a must. At The Body Shop, we have a wide collection of eye makeup products. Using them you can create any look such as simple, bold, smokey, and fancier look. To make your pretty eyes more beautiful, you need to create an eye makeup look that is mesmerising. Even something as simple as coating your eyes with our Turn It Up Mascara can accentuate your eyes by giving your lashes more depth and volume. Based on which occasion you are attending, you can decide on the eye makeup and create your looks with our makeup products.

Find out how to create stunning eye makeup looks every day and leave a lasting impression on every person you meet.

How does eye makeup change your look?

Your eyes are where your true beauty resides and so when you put eye make-up on, you choose to let your beauty express itself powerfully. The beauty of your eyes is more prominent when the eye makeup suits your face and the look you are going for. In India, people have been using kajal and kohl for ages. Regardless of gender, a person’s eyes have a unique beauty that is complimented when they highlight the eyes, often with eyeliner, kajal, and mascara. Every element together makes your eyes beautiful.

Today, eye makeup is seen as a beauty enhancement, but Egyptians used Kohl to line their eyes as they believed the dark black colour could ward off evil spirits and also protect the eyes from harsh sunlight. Our Wake-up call liquid eyeliner mimics the deep black colour of Kohl and gives you beautifully lined eyes with its precision.

What creates a perfect eye makeup look?

When we say eye makeup, there is so much that goes into it. A complete eye makeup look is not just the Kohl or the liner; it also includes mascara and eyeshadows applied to the eyelids. The idea behind creating an eye makeup look is to let the natural beauty of the eyes become more visible and appreciated. When creating the eye makeup look, do not shy away from experimenting with different eye shadow colours. You can also choose a pencil eyeliner or a Liquid Eyeliner, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

The vibrancy of the eye shadow colours, defined with the black of the eyeliner and complemented with the soft curls of eyelashes, beautifully highlights your eyes and makes them shine. The eyeliner, mascara, and shadows can look like tiny details, but they make a lot of difference in how you look and the confidence you exude.

What to use when creating an eye makeup look?

To create a complete eye makeup look, you need the best eye makeup products.

Eyebrows You need to define your eyebrows with a natural-looking eyebrow powder or wax. Our Frame It Brow Pomade will thicken and set your eyebrows nicely. Well-defined eyebrows contrast the softness of your eyes and draw attention to your face.

Eye line The eyeliner is a versatile product that can define your eyelids and highlight your eyes. On days that you do not want to wear eyeshadow or mascara, just use the best eyeliner and keep it simple around the eyes.

Eyelashes Eyelashes are tiny wisps of hair that deserve all the attention because they frame your eyes. Choose a curling and volumizing mascara like our Turn It Up Mascara to give that boost of curl to your lashes.

Eyelids Your eyelids are like small canvases that need art on them. The best way to highlight your eyelids is to go for bold eyeshadow that colours and blends into your skin. Using our Freestyle multitasking crayons, you can create amazing, colourful eye makeup looks.

How to use eyeshadow for eye makeup?

Step one- Choose the eyeshadow colours

If you have a palette of eyeshadows, you can choose the colours you want to create the look with. For example, you can choose light and neutral shades to get the base right. You can then add a darker shade to the outer corner of the eye to add more depth to the look. You can do the same with pencil eye shadows like our top-rated Freestyle multitasking crayons.

Step two- Blending the eye shadow

Blending the different colours and creating one colourful look is the crucial step. The colours should blend seamlessly on the eyelid so that your eyes look soft and natural. You can also add a shimmery, highlighting shade to the inner corner of the eye to complete the look.

Why use The Body Shop Eye Makeup Products?

At The Body Shop, we create long-lasting makeup products that are safe for your skin and give you a beautiful, fresh look every day. Our eye makeup products are gentle on your eyes and easy to wear. Our eye makeup formulas contain natural origin ingredients, are 100% Vegan and do not cause irritation or skin problems to your sensitive eye area. To enhance your features and opt for natural makeup that nourishes, opt for The Body Shop makeup range.

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